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Two year old quake survivor Sarafina with Pierre Leroy, HPSP founder, January 2011. HPSP is helping Sarafina get a prosthetic device.
We recently completed erection of a monument to Marie Cecette Dumas and General Alexandre Dumas in Latibolière, Haiti.
The monument, printed in French, reads as follows (French to English translation by Pierre Leroy) Statement of Principle
During our new exploration of the former domain of the Dumas ancestors, we discovered the burial site of Marie Cecette Dumas (mother of General Alexandre Dumas) at Latibolière in the 4th rural section of the Guinaudée near Jérémie, Haiti.The purpose of this present display is to restore links between the place of birth and the place of residence of General Dumas in Villers-Cotterets,France. After marking the perimeter of the burial place of Marie Cecette Dumas, we explorers in charge agreed upon the terms of the erection of a monument conceived in 2003, after consultation with the Chavenet family, owners of the land, to consecrate it as the birthplace of General Alexandre Dumas.  At the same time, we wanted to venerate the memory of Marie Cecette Dumas, mother of the general and a slave brought to Haiti from Africa, whose offspring gave the world the finest minds of literary art, and the most virtuous general of the era of the French Revolution of 1789.We welcome the recent efforts by Casec (Sheriff) Antoine Jackson, Grande-Anse Department Senator Jean Maxime Roumer, and the notable residents of the area who agreed with our group of explorers to erect this monument in memory of Marie Cecette Dumas and General Alexander Dumas, on April 4, 2013.Moreover, it’s our duty to remember and acknowledge all the Dumas (nobles, former slaves, French, and Haitians). We need to follow the initial steps taken in April 2003 by the poets Paul Laraque and Jean Rouzier, historian/professor Frank Laraque, the teacher/poet Denize Lauture, the Samba and mythological poet Clotaire Saint-Natus, and his wife, Michaelle Auguste Saint-Natus, and the philanthropists and activists of HPSP, who contributed to the erection of this monument conceived in 2003 in memory of Marie Cecette Dumas and her Haitian-born son, General Alexandre Dumas, both residents of Latibolière and both victims of the seventeenth and eighteenth century slavery system established by the Europeans and their allies. Nine years after the first exploration of the Guinaudée by HPSP, we returned to Latibolière on January 11, 2013 to resume building this permanent monument in memory of Marie-Cecette Dumas and her son Alexandre Dumas (born Thomas Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie) for future generations.  We praise the efforts previously made by Senator Jean Maxime Roumer, Casec Antoine Jackson, Mayor Jean Ronald Etienne of Latibolière, and the recent publications of historians Claude Ribbe (France) and Tom Reiss (USA) both of whom provided us with great inspiration. The anecdotal information of some residents of Latibolière and Jérémie reenforced and guided us throughout our long and hard walks, all the way to the graveyard. The logistical support of Monseigneur Romelus, who pioneered our initiative from day one, and his successor, Monseigneur Verrier, proved invaluable, as well. We take special note of the tremendous efforts of the principals, teachers, and students of College Alexandre Dumas who continue to work tirelessly at restoring the historical memory of all the Dumas family for the benefit of readers worldwide.
We are launching a formal appeal to all our compatriots in Haiti and the diaspora, and call on admirers of the literary and humanitarian works of the Dumas to lend their support to HPSP for continuation of this and other important projects.

For the Haitian People’s Support Project, Pierre Leroy, President Ossee Hermantin, Artist Jacques Josue Logiste Julien, Architect & Project Coordinator in the Dominican Republic Starold Desmornes,  Student Liaison.  For other information in Haiti: 001-509 – 3-447-3601 and 001-509-3-133-6482; Dominican Rep: 829 883 1525