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Two year old quake survivor Sarafina with Pierre Leroy, HPSP founder, January 2011. HPSP is helping Sarafina get a prosthetic device.





Since 1990, HPSP has been known for its fundraising/educational/cultural events. These events are a win win. The monies raised go to help our projects in Haiti, and the attendees have a great time and learn more about Haiti. If you would like to organize a benefit, or have HPSP make a presentation to your group, school or church, please contact us.

Legendary singers Boukman Eksperyans, at HPSP biggest event ever, ONE VOICE FOR HAITI, April 23, 2010. Over 700 attendees.

“Partying for a great cause, the 12th Sonando for Haiti, at New World Home Cooking.”