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Two year old quake survivor Sarafina with Pierre Leroy, HPSP founder, January 2011. HPSP is helping Sarafina get a prosthetic device.


HPSP believes education is a right for all children. It is a key to change for both the individual child and Haiti as a whole.

The Furcy School, in Furcy, high in the mountains surrounding Port-au-Prince was the embodiment of a successful project. Over the years the Furcy Elementary School was completely renovated and the children’s academic performance improved. With its dedicated team of educators and community advocates Furcy has become a model for others to follow. The January 12, 2010 destroyed much of the school but not the spirit to rebuild which is well underway.

The ELT Art School (Espwa Lavi Pou Timoun, Hope for Children’s Lives) is located in Nerette/Petitionville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. A group of talented and committed artists have been providing a hot lunch and art classes to 60 children who have been through the trauma of that huge earthquake. Four of the ELT artists came to Woodstock in November with their own art and those of the children.

The Lory Elementary School (see APPEAL page) children are having their education enhanced by their involvement in the Lory Pottery Cooperative and in SOCOP our sustainable living project in Lory. Their hands on involvement with tree planting, pottery making, learning about solar ovens and cooking and getting water from Jerrycans, we hope will instill in them what Haiti’s future path will look like and what part they can play.