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Two year old quake survivor Sarafina with Pierre Leroy, HPSP founder, January 2011. HPSP is helping Sarafina get a prosthetic device.


“We believe it is priceless to involve our children [USA], as part of their social education and human development. Let us help create relationships with these 400 orphans, with no roof over their head, no books to read, and no contact with the world outside during their immense misery.” Gina Maloney, PTA President, Woodstock Elementary School.

All of the orphanages were in or near the earthquake’s epicenter. It was a small miracle that none of the children were killed or suffered from life-threatening injuries. On that tragic day, which will be remembered by all, the children were playing outside in the Haitian sunshine.

The Duval Cancilla-Orphelinat is located in Croix des Bouquets, which is about five miles north of Port-au-Prince. The children range in age from fifteen months to about sixteen years old. The orphanage was severely damaged and most of the children are still sleeping outside in tents. HPSP has been giving emergency support and is committed to help with the rebuilding.

Unfortunately Foyer Sainte Anne, a home to roughly fifteen children, in the Port-au-Prince residential center of Turgeau was completely destroyed. The building completely crumbled, but thankfully all were physically okay. The children and staff were taken in by a nearby church and are living under tents. HPSP continues to send money and will be making a substantial donation for the relocating and rebuilding.

La Creche orphanage is the village of Merger was right in the epicenter of the earthquake. All escaped but we had a fight on our hands with cholera when Dr. Sue Cardona of HPSPs medical team rushed a toddler to the hospital. Jerrycans, donated to us by Operation Blessing, have prevented other children from getting cholera. With about 20 children still sleeping in tents in the backyard, repairing the main building is now a priority.

Maison d’Espoir orphanage was one of HPSP’s first projects. Over the years the orphanage has grown to over 200 children. In the early stages, HPSP sent teams to help with construction of the dormitories and the school. We have helped send seven former residents to college in the Dominican Republic. Maison d’Espoir is a success story. The orphanage continues to grow but with only minimal support from us.

Bryant Institute — Orphanage and School

Bryant Institute co-founder and director Deronvil Raymond with the orphanage’s staff. Scenes from the Elementary & Secondary School at Bryant Institute

The Leroys met Deronville Raymond, the founder and director of the Bryant Institute, in their West Hurley home in the winter of 2010 shortly after the earthquake. Mr. Raymond has dedicated his life and his meager resources to helping the children in the poverty stricken community of La Plain, in Port-au-Prince. The Bryant Institute is home to about 25 children. It serves as a school to the larger community, with about 75 additional children. Mr. Raymond receives almost no money from the community for his school, but perseveres with tremendous dedication to give the children in La Plain the chance of a brighter future. Potable drinking water is the main issue.